The Importance of High Intensity Training

The intensity at which you train is of paramount importance. It determines the type of training, the trainer, the system, or program you are using. How serious you are about what you are doing has a direct impact on the outcome. If we aren’t intense, or have no passion, then what exactly is fueling that ambition?  Today, it seems like “doing” has become mundane. This leads to an unsatisfactory existence, where one can live in a cloud of boundaries, perceptions and ideas of themselves and the world,  which only serve to deepen the dissatisfaction. 

This is not how humans were meant to live. Which is why we are talking about the importance of high intensity training. This type of training can unlock doors inside you, that you didn’t know existed. Now, to be clear, rest is also of utmost importance; listening to your body when it has had enough is a sensitive intuition that we all have. But many of us quit or slow the pace, not because our bodies are telling us. It is the mind chattering away, about how tired we are; or the list of complaints and excuses ten miles long, that our minds take refuge in. So if one can ignore all the mind chatter and excuses, our potential is unlocked. The ignoring of all the mind chatter is possible in all aspects of life. 

So the question regarding why it is important to workout intensely, should begin with another question. Why are you working out or training in the first place? To go even deeper, you can ask yourself why do you get up in the morning? Or even, what am I doing on this planet? 

The question can’t be answered by a formula, a certain practice, daily ritual, or by working on one's self in the hopes to achieve something in the future. If you are serious about not just training intensely, but living intensely, it starts NOW. Now, is the only moment we have; we can never escape from this present moment, because it is always this present moment. Our life situations may change, but irrespective of that, it is still this moment. When we separate ourselves from this moment, we can miss the intensity of all aspects of life. 

Training intensely means being completely present. We completely surrender to the intensity of the training session. That surrender is magical, and applies to all aspects of life. This is why, personally, training intensely is of paramount importance.