Jennifer Mallo

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As a fitness enthusiast and Certified Personal Trainer, my philosophy is that fitness must be incorporated into a daily routine. Most of us need that extra push or we tend to fall off the band wagon only to find ourselves in the same rut. Well, if we are expecting to change our lives we must make an effort to incorporate a fitness regimen that is not only exhilarating but enjoyable at the same time. Over the years, and after becoming a mother, I found myself bored with the same usual fitness workouts that all large gyms have to offer. I thought to myself, “How can I continue this if I dread it every day?” I was in search of something that would peak my interest and overall give me the same effect. As I began my search, I came across several different formats in which to incorporate that would not only allow me the opportunity to benefit from the incredible results that they have to offer, but granted me the opportunity to share it with the rest of my community. Since then, I founded The Cardio House, located in between Chino and Chino Hills. At our private facility, our mission is to offer group exercise classes that you wouldn’t usually find elsewhere. From classes like Zumba Caliente which is a community favorite, to Booty Box and Power Yoga, you can benefit and accommodate your schedule according to the classess that are your personal favorites. Additionally, by not only incorporating an array of different classes, we strive in building a personal relationship with each and every member by offering exhilarating classes and personal one on one attention to achieve and maximize your results. With our “catering” approach, we strive to make each member feel welcomed and a part of “The Cardio House Family”. As a community, we look forward to bringing you the latest and most innovative group exercise classes that will captivate your heart and get you addicted to loving fitness and loving your body! Afterall, you only have one, so why not make it look and feel it’s best!!!!


Instructor Zumba
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I’ve been dancing for fun since I was four years old, but that fell by the wayside when life and work got hectic. I tried traditional work outs, and even attempted to train for a half marathon, but none of those fitness regimes stuck. Soon, I was frustrated with my lack of activity…until I found Zumba. Since finding Zumba, I’ve been happier, more active and my passion for dancing has been reignited. After just two classes at the Cardio House, I was inspired to be a Zumba instructor. Now, I love helping others who want a “workout makeover” find this “exercise in disguise”. The hot moves and exciting beats of our Zumba classes are unparelled – we’ll help you sweat those calories OFF!


Instructor Zumba/Zumbatomic
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I have studied ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics since age 5 and have been a member of various competition teams at the highschool and collegiate levels. Although I am familiar with many genres of dance, I am happy to have found Zumba as an outlet through which I can have fun while losing weight and motivating others to do the same! I’ve realized that if you love your body and treat it well, your body will love you back. Zumba is a great way to give your body some love while learning a few new dance moves…. come give the classes a try!

In my Zumbatomic classes for children ages 4-14, I strive to create dances that everyone can enjoy and work out to while teaching basic steps for salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, merengue, hip hop…. the list goes on! If there are any children you know that are interested in dance, bring them to my class! So come join me for a Zumbatomic or a Zumba class, and I guarantee that you will have a blast!


Instructor Zumba/Ripped

Fitness not only shapes our bodies, it stimulates our minds, strengthens our confidence, sparks that inner energy and awakens our souls. I have experienced the out of shape lows in my own life. Fitness has transformed my life, it has given me drive to transform others lives as well. Sharing the benefits of cardiovascular and resistance exercise is something we can all do. It all starts with a choice to make a difference in our own lives and extend it to those around us. Every day is a new journey for me! Since starting RIPPED in July 2010 I have lost 27 pounds, going from a size 10 to a size 2. The transformation has been exhilarating. I have more energy, strength and power. The format has helped me try new activities that I wouldn’t have been able to do before.


Instructor Zumba
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I was fairly fit and healthy during my 20’s, and then life happened. I stopped taking care of me and fell into an unhealthy,sedentary lifestyle. Before I knew it, I was 40lbs heavier. Then one day, I stumbled upon The Cardio House and my life hasn’t been the same since. I fell in love with everything that encompasses the Cardio House…. The classes, the instructors, the friendships….the overall positive energy. Zumba Caliente is infectious!!!! I catch myself dancing in the strangest places at the strangest times. By day, I am a mild-mannered network services specialist, but when I come to Zumba class, I can let my hair down and get wild. I began to crave more, so I started doing Ripped classes and quickly became hooked on that too. Now, not only do i exercise CONSTANTLY, but diet and nutrition has become a necessary addition to my transformation. As of today, I’m down 30lbs and have an extreme passion for health and fitness. I can’t imagine living any other way. I love to share with people what I’ve learned during my journey and hope to help others reach their goals as I have. I am a certified Zumba & Ripped instructor and hope to be able to share success with you and so many others!


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As a mom of 3 kids, I found myself caught in a vicious cycle of ‘mom sacrifices her health and well-being for the kids.’ This is the cycle where I am the ‘career woman’ by day and on my second ‘workshift’ am the taxi driver, the short order cook, the cleaning lady, the tutor, the nurse, and everything else in-between . Although I was able to continue to play soccer and even finish a marathon, my weight would continue to yo yo depending on the kids’ activities. This cycle left me at an unhealthy physical plateau feeling tired, bored with exercise, and grumpy from eating all the kids’ leftover junk foods. Zumba enabled me to finally break out of this cycle! When I took my first zumba class at The Cardio House, I wanted to run out of the classroom during the first song. I wasn’t used to the exotic moves and felt intimidated. After this first class, I was hooked! The Cardio House made exercising fun again. All of The Cardio House classes inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Thanks to Zumba and RIPPED classes at The Cardio House, I broke out of that ‘mom cycle’ and have pushed through my physical plateau and mental rut. The Cardio House is definitely our family’s second home. My children have a blast taking the Zumbatomic classes, my mom has made great friendships in the Zumba Cool and Zumba classes, my sister in law is gettting fit at Camp SWEAT, and my passion for ‘fun-cercising’ (fun+exercising) at The Cardio House has driven me to become a RIPPED instructor.