What’s the difference between a private fitness studio and a large gym?
At the cardio house, you will find an instant intimate appeal with friendly and welcoming staff, your experience is sure to be pleasant. We offer innovative classes that the larger gyms simply don’t have with a personalized one on one touch.

Can I take my first class for free?
Yes. One free class of your choice is permitted every 12 month period. Please click here and kindly fill out the form for your free class.

How many times per week should I workout?
It is recommended that cardio classes be taken 3 times per week so that your body becomes acclimated with it’s new lifestyle. Once it has adjusted depending on your activity level you may gradually increase it by introducing new classes.

How long are the classes?
All classes are unique in times. Please refer to the class schedule for class times. (click here)

How many people attend the class?
Each room is set to it’s own capacity to ensure each class is never crowed and always enjoyable.

Do I have to have experience?
The Cardio House has classes structured for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. No prior experience is required.

Can I attend while being pregnant?
Please consult your physician for approval.

What should I wear and what type of shoes should I use?
It is recommended that workout, breathable, lose fitting clothes be worn as movements vary. Running shoes with proper insoles and arch support are highly recommended.

What should I bring?
Please bring your towel as our classes are guaranteed to make you sweat!!

How many calories should I burn during class?
All classes vary and range anywhere between 450-1000 calories. For precise and accurate readings we recommend the exerspy armband. (please click here)

Is there a contract? How long?
The cardio house has several options for new members with flexible payment options. It is best that you visit the studio and discuss your options with one of our representatives to see with program better suits you.

Are classes coed?
All classes welcome both genders.

As an active adult, how do I tailor my diet?
Please reference our personalized diet & nutrition section of our site (please click here)